Сочинение на тему чему я научусь в 5 классе

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  1. Синтаксический разбор сложного предложения Их было так много, что мы не могли ловить рыбу.
    Кого вы считаете выдающейся личностью? Кто является для вас примером? Почему?
    Проверьте, пожалуйста, сочинение на тему” About myself”. My name is Nadya. I am 17 years old. I was born in Moscow and I live here for all my life. I have finished specialized English school. I am learning English for 12 years now. (или I have been learning?) Also I learn German. I have entered Higher School of Economics and I am glad to be here, because HSE gives its students a very good education and good education gives us better job opportunities. High-quality specialists will be needed in all spheres of life. As I have entered the faculty of sociology, I am sure I`ll have many opportunities in the future, because I`ll major in economics, markening, psychology and so on.  As for me, I can say that I am trying to study hard. I believe that I am rather persistent, diligent and patient. At school my teachers were usually satisfied with my answers. I am hard-working ,responsible, serious and ambitious. When I start doing somethig I try to do it well and if I dont understand smth I always go in for details. I try to succeed in everything I do.  Also I am sociable. I love making new friends and being around people. I have a lot of friends and all of them trust me and share secrets with me. Thats why I can say that I am reliable and loyal. I consider myself as a faithful friend, because my friends can always count on me to help if they need it. Furthermore, I am cheerful. I am always in a good mood, I try to be posotive about everything. As for my negative qualities, I am unpunctual. I am often late for studies or meetings. That`s why sometimes my friends have to wait for me.  As concerned my hobbies, all my chidhood I had gone in for dancing(или had been going?). I danced for 10 years but at the age of 15 I had to give up.
    отметить погодные условия и увиденые приметы осени
    современная теория антропогенеза
    кто был учителем маугли? чему его учили?
    скорость прямолинейного движения точки задана формулой v(t)=2t^3-t+5.Запишите формулой зависимости ее координаты х от времени t, если известно, что в начальный момент времени (t=0) точка находилась в начале координат.
    1,5х-9y-(y+1,5х), если х=0,781, y=0,9
    на чому заснована система відліку часу,яка грунтуєтьсяна поділі земної поверхні на годинні пояси?

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