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  1. “Your personal opinion to distance learning”
    Nowdays a person can`t live without education. Distance learning is one of the ways to get it. In this essay I`m going to describe my personal opinion to it.
    I`d like to begin by saying that education is necessary and it`s no matter how we get it. They say it`s difficult to study when you have a family and you`re not young. I think distance learning is a good way to educate in any age, with any social position.  Also the distance learning is easier to get, because I can work with tests when I have time. It`s very important for me as I have two children. I can concentrate on my  studies when nobody disturbs me.
    Another important point is that most top universities are located in big cities and people who live in small towns or villages, can`t get good education. Nowdays  we have the internet almost everywhere and this really help people to improve their vocational training or even get education. As for me I wouldn`t  be able to go to Irkutsk for studying, but thanks to distance learning I can get new  knowledge  for my  teaching work.
    In conclusion, I`d like to say if you want have an open mind, get a well-paid job, be a highly qualified teacher but you have lack of time, so you are welcome to distance learning. It`s easy, interesting and useful.

  2. На английском языке. Distant Leaning
    Most of people go to school in their childhood, it is our basic education. But still there are some people who didn’t go to school, but got their education at home. This is called distant learning.
    Distant learning is when a child doesn’t go to school, but studies at home on his own or with the help of a tutor. It may be because of his health, or because his family travels a lot or for some other reasons. There are of course advantages of such learning – you can get concentrated on what you read and study, you have as much time as you need to understand the material. But on the other hand school is not only about studying, it’s about communication with other people, it’s finding your place in the society, getting friends, learning how to behave in public and so on. So I think that if it is possible a child should go to school.
    Distant education also has another meaning. When we go to university or want to start some advanced courses there is an option to have distant learning. The advantage of such learning is that you can study in another country without leaving your own one. It gives you more freedom in your schedule – you don’t have to attend lessons, so one can combine studying and working. Distant learning gives you a chance to have a certificate in any field that you like and choose education you want.
    So I suppose sometimes distant learning can be a good option, but of course everyone chooses what is better for him.
    Перевод на русский язык. Дистанционное обучение
    Большинство людей ходят в школу в детстве, это наше базовое образование. Но все же некоторые люди не ходили в школу, потому что получили свое образование дома. Это нзывается дистанционное обучение.
    Дистанционное обучение – это ситуация, когда ребенок не ходит школу, а учится дома сам или с помощью репетитора. Это происходит из-за состояния здоровья, или потому что семья много путешествует или по другим причинам. Конечно, у такого вида обучения есть свои плюсы – можно сконцентрироваться на том, что ты читаешь и изучаешь, у тебя есть столько времени, сколько тебе нужно, чтобы понять материал. Но с другой стороны школа – это не только учеба, это общение с людьми, поиск своего места в обществе, друзья, умение вести себя на публике и так далее. Так что думаю, если есть возможность, ребенок должен ходить в школу.
    Дистанционное обучение также имеет и другое значение. Когда мы идем в университет или хотим поступить в магистратуру, можно делать это дистанционно. Преимущество такого вида обучения в том, что вы можете учиться в другой стране, не покидая свою. Это дает больше свободы в расписании – вам не нужно посещать занятия, поэтому можно учиться и работать одновременно. Дистанционное обучение дает возможность получить сертификат в любой сфере и получить образование, которое вы хотите.
    Думаю, что иногда дистанционное обучение может быть хорошим вариантом, но, конечно, каждый для себя выбирает, что лучше для него.

  3. The Term Paper on Introduction to Adult education

    … formal sphere of schools. Non-formal education includes adult education, social education, distance education, functional literacy, etc. Adult education may be defined as the application of … and content than the adult education. Again other terms like ‘out-of school education’, ‘Non-formal education’, ‘Further education,’ ‘Distance education’, ‘open learning’, ‘De-schooling’, etc …
    It must not be forgotten, of course, that parents keep on worrying about the fact their children’s opinions are circulating all over the world and that this could mean danger and repression for them. These anxieties, however, cannot erase the advantages coming from the introduction of this new technology into the educational are, most importantly, of bringing education to everyone. But what is the true purpose of education, really?
    In its most basic sense, I strongly believe that the essence of education is to instill in an individual the capability to make out at the world for oneself, to generate one’s own choices, to declare what is black or what is white. In whatever manner this education may come from, it is still learning and discovering about new things that help shape a person into what he is. Distance learning has brought a remarkable means of delivering this education to students in rural or remote areas, so that they make take advantage of continuing learning and give them the ability to schedule learning at times convenient to them.
    Not only that, a great number of distance education programs cater to the requirements of a lot of diverse people of all ages, sexes, occupations, learning backgrounds and health conditions. Granted that personal contact which is very important in effective education is missing with this kind of education, but as is the situation with all new technologies, there are negative and positive aspects to distance learning. Many instructors, as well as students of distance education miss this. Distance learning can admittedly be lonely sometimes.
    There is always a price to pay, whether it be big or small. Although this is the case, steps could be done to assuage this drawback. Encouraging students to share something about themselves is one activity that can at least give all participants the feeling that they know something about their colleague and the professor. Additionally, many courses are well supported and, for students who are unable to attend residential events, there are usually opportunities for students to participate in online discussion groups, clubs and societies.

  4. Полная тема эссе: Some people think that e-learning using the Internet is a good alternative to attending classes and lectures.
    People have been studying since immemorial years. Today we still do it getting more and more information. There is a new way of getting education in modern society. It is e-learhing. Some people think that e-learning is convivient, but others disagree with them.
    In my opinion, e-learning is a grateful alternative. First of all, number of people do not have a possibility to go at university every day and spent a lot of time there. For example, a woman who has children. Secondly, people do not need to sit in boring lectures. They may be at the computer in a comfortable chair and perform their tasks. Also it is a really good alternative because each person can relax at any moment.
    On the other hand, some people believe that e-learning is not the best idea for getting education. They say that it cannot substitute a traditional form because a guality of this method is lower. Besides, they believe that contact with a teacher face to face is more effective.
    I strongly disagree with these people because it is an incredible oppotunity to get education for busy people.
    Despite other people’s opinion I still believe that e-learning is a worth replacement to boring classes and lectures.
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    Technological progress has caused an argument about education. The thing is that some people believe that distant learning is better, and other people stick to the point that going to school is the only way to get good education.
    In my opinion distant learning is a great alternative to classic lessons, because it has a huge number of benefits. Firstly, our society has a lot of physically challenged people. They may have serious health problems or feel uncomfortable in a group of people. Distant education really helps them out. Secondly, distant education gives us an opportunity to gain knowledge wherever we want. It is a great way-out for people who want to get education in a foreign country but do not want to leave their home or just cannot do it.
    But despite all these pluses some people do not take distant education seriously. They say that quality of distant learning is really low, because when we are at home, we are not much concentrated and we are too relaxed.
    I disagree with the foregoing statement and still consider distant learning to be better. I am convinced that it is easier to analyze information and to learn something when you are relaxed and there is nothing disturbing you.
    To sum it up, I would like to say that distant learning has a huge number of advantages and it gives us many possibilities, but everyone is free to choose a way of education they prefer.

  7. In the world of modernization and globalization, education is the most essential aspect of life. Different people have different opinion about classes, some may prefer an online course as it offers great convenience and comfort, however other people prefer to attend the traditional classes. From my vintage point, distance learning and online courses should not replace learning classroom. I would like to explain about the reasons behind my selection.
    The first exquisite point to be mentioned is that the traditional classroom setting has its unique advantages, which makes study more efficient and productive. Apparently, students get a perfect atmosphere for learning in the classroom, which force him/her to concentrate on the lecture. Practical experience is very crucial in a subject like biology, when a professor explains about a frog life; a live frog in front of the laboratory table makes the study more interesting and engaging. On the online study, students do not get their hands on the real life experiences. Moreover, if one has any question about the academic subject, he/ she can ask directly to the teacher by raising a hand and can immediately cleared up all doubts. In contrast, the online study requires you to send an email to the professor to ask about questions and you may not get immediate answers. Hence, a leaning through the classroom is always better.
    Another point that deserves some words is that one can develop several interpersonal skills by attending classroom study. Nowadays, all university ask students to participate in to group task projects and club activities such as music, dance etc., where students get great exposure to other students. By working in a group, person can develop skills to work in a group, which is the most important requirement of a job market. Students become independent thinker and speaker by attending question-answer session of a class; they also learn how to give respects to other people’s ideas in the group. The communication skill is the great advantage of working face to face with the professor and other students. Additionally, student boosts up his confident, when he presents his project in front of large audience. No one likes to miss fun at after class party, where student get chance to expand their friend circle. Hence, in order to develop several social skills, attending a traditional classroom is necessary.
    The noteworthy interesting research conducted in my country shows eighty percent students prefer to attend the traditional class in order to gain the real life classroom experience with teachers. The questionnaires were distributed in all students at high school and data was collected from them.
    To wrap up, I would firmly say that the traditional classroom should not be replaced with the online classes as the traditional class has a lot of thing to offer to students such as appropriate environment for study and several social skills. Everyone should attend the traditional class at least once in a lifetime.

  8. «Обучающие
    организации в современных условиях»
    примере программы Дистанционного
    факультета ГМУ
    1.1.Актуальность ……………..3.
    Цель 3.
    1.3.Задачи ……………..3.
    1.4.Объект 3.
    1.5.Предмет 3.

    Заключение 12.


    обучение — это новая,
    специфичная форма обучения, несколько
    отличная от привычных форм очного или
    заочного обучения. Она предполагает
    иные средства, методы, организационные
    формы обучения, иную форму взаимодействия
    учителя и учащихся, учащихся между
    собой. Вместе с тем как любая форма
    обучения, любая система обучения она
    имеет тот же компонентный состав: цели,
    обусловленные социальным заказом для
    всех форм обучения; содержание, также
    во многом определенное действующими
    программами для конкретного типа
    учебного заведения, методы, организационные
    формы, средства обучения. Последние три
    компо­нента. В дистанционной форме
    обучения обусловлены спецификой
    используемой технологической основы
    (например, только компьютерных
    телекоммуникаций, компьютерных
    телекоммуникаций в
    с печатными средствами, компакт-дисками,
    так называемой кейс-технологией, пр.).
    смеши­вать заочное
    дистанционное обучения.
    главное отличие в том, что при дистанционном
    обучении обеспечивается систематическая
    и эффективная интерактивность. Следует
    рассматривать дистанционное обучение
    как новую форму обучения и соответственно
    дистанционное образование (как результат,
    так и процесс, систему) как новую форму
    образования. Хотя
    оно не
    может рассматриваться
    Дистанци­онное обучение строится в
    соответствии с теми же целями
    что и очное обучение. Но
    подачи материа­ла
    формы взаимодействия учителя и учащихся
    и учащихся между собой
    принципы организации дистанционного
    обу­чения (принципы научности,
    систем­ности и систематичности,
    активности, принципы развивающего
    обучения, наглядности, дифферен­циации
    и индивидуализации обучения и пр.) те
    что и в очном обучении,
    отлична их реализация
    обусловлена спецификой новой формы
    обучения, возможностя­ми информационной
    среды Интернет, ее услуга­ми.
    образом, с
    одной стороны, дистанционное обуче­ние
    следует рассматривать в общей систе­ме
    образования (непременно в системе
    непрерывного образования), предполагая
    при этом преемственность отдельных ее
    звеньев. С другой, дистанционное обуче­ние
    необходимо различать как систему и как
    процесс. Как и в других формах обучения,
    дистанционное обуче­ние пред­полагает
    теоретическое осмысление этапа
    педагогического проектирования, ее
    содержательной и педаго­гической (в
    плане педагогических техноло­гии,
    методов, форм обучения) составляю­щих.
    задачами этапа педагоги­ческого
    являются: создание
    электронных курсов, элек­тронных
    учебников, комплексов средств обучения,
    разработка педагогических тех­нологий
    организации процесса обучения в сетях
    статей выделяют ряд характеристик
    дистанци­онного обучения.
    дистанци­онного обучения предпо­лагают
    тщательное и детальное пла­нирование
    деятельности обучаемого, ее организации,
    четкую постановку задач и целей обучения,
    доставку необходимых учебных материалов,
    которые должны обеспе­чивать
    интерактивность между обучаемым и
    преподавателем, обратную связь между
    обучаемым и учебным материалом,
    предо­ставлять возможность группового
    обучения. Наличие эффективной обратной
    связи поз­воляющей ученику получать
    инфор­мацию о правильности своего
    продвиже­ния по пути от незнания к
    знанию. Мотива­ция — также важнейший
    элемент любого курса дистанционного
    обучения. Для её повышения, важно
    применять разнообразные приемы и
    средства. А так же необходимо пред­усмотреть
    инвариантные компоненты
    при разработке курсов
    дис­танционного обучения

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